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Secretariat’s Message

Dear ISSP Members,

Greetings from ISSP Secretariat!

At the outset, we would like to thank you for coming in large numbers and making ISSPCON 2017 a grand success. It was a great show from all of you about solidarity and unity amongst all members of ISSP. The ISSP Secretariat is indebted to all of you; we bow in front of you in admiration of your support.

We all had a great scientific feast at ISSPCON 2017 at Jaipur. “Team Jaipur” needs to be congratulated for conducting a marvelous event under excellent atmosphere. They have performed to a new level in conducting ISSPCON Annual National Conference which is quite exceptional and commendable. We thank and congratulate Dr Rajesh Sharma (Organising Chairman), Dr Gaurav Sharma (Organising Secretary), Dr Reema Meena (Conference Coordinator), Dr Anjum Joad (Scientific Committee Chairman) and their enterprising teammates.

It was nice to see ISSP Life members participating in ISSPCON scientific sessions and other ISSP official events with great spirit. With unfurling of ISSP flag, entire ISSPCON 2017 event was flying in multiple colours depicting the multispecialty participation of all delegates & faculty members of ISSP. The ambience of BM Birla Convention Centre at Jaipur providing an apt back drop. The Rajasthani style art and architecture of convention centre gave an elegance to whole event.

After this, we had plenary sessions followed by scientific deliberations entire day. This was followed by inauguration, which was appreciated by invitees and ISSP members as short, crisp and creamy. We would like to maintain the programme, as it is, which was short and sweet. The highlight of the event was when the Health Minister (Chief Guest of the programme) announced that they will start one year fellowship in Pain Management in Rajasthan State under the aegis of Rajasthan Health University.

The ISSP Governing Council meeting with Past Presidents of ISSP was very fruitful. We could collect their inputs about way forward for ISSP & IAPM for coming years. Their feedbacks were valuable. We also had a meeting with State & City branch Presidents and secretaries to address their concerns and difficulties so that ISSP can step in assist and participate in resolving the problems faced by all concerned. All of them appreciated it and came with fresh proposals. The ISSP flags and ISSP President’s Collar for all ISSP State/City Branches were distributed.

Everyone could feel the freshness in air with regards to new awakening in ISSP.

In the AGBM it was a healthy discussion all through out with vision of ISSP growth in coming years. The Indian Academy of Pain Medicine (IAPM) implementation were approved by AGBM with full vocal support. It says volumes that members are looking for growth prospects. There was a fruitful discussion about formation of Special Interest Groups (SIG). The President of ISSP Dr BB Mishra announced formation of four SIG’s namely; Neuropathic Pain, Documentation, Cancer Pain & Interventional Pain Management. He expressed that in next one year the modalities of becoming member, scope of committee, formation of guidelines will be worked out. Members wanted more academic programmes like consensus statements, and guidelines in concurrence with support from other societies.

The IASP-ISSP Multidisciplinary Evidence Based Pain Management Programme was appreciated by one and all. Members appreciated the Election of Dr Sushma Bhatnagar to IASP Council & Dr Muralidhar Joshi to WFSA Council representing our Asian Region.

The New ISSP President Dr Geeta Joshi after taking over from her predecessor Dr BB Mishra, has directed the ISSP Secretariat to implement the AGBM decisions right away and gave us the vision and directives about implementation. This involved about the formation of SIG, Collaboration with Societies working on Palliative Care, to initiate ISSP accreditation for Pain Clinics/Centres as per MCI Guidelines so on and so forth. She expressed that, members who do not have ID card to obtain same as the ID cards will be mandatory for elections for ISSP office bearers from ISSPCON2018 onwards. She said, this and many other decisions to be implemented at the earliest so that valuable time is not lost.

One can see that the year 2016 was quite productive for ISSP; yes, we have some more hurdles to cross; with everyone’s support it should not be a problem. We have initiated work on Special Interest Group (SIG) formation under President Elect Dr Gautam Das. He has been entrusted the responsibility of team coordinators for various SIG’s and their members and advisors in synchrony with GC members. The details will be available on website as and when we get information from the committees formed in this regard.

We appreciate the wholehearted support for ‘Go Green’ concept in AGBM. We request members to send soft copy of their photograph to issue ID cards & pay appropriate fees on line; you can send details online and transaction details online. Same thing applies to New Membership Applications.

The AGBM wholeheartedly appreciated and approved to celebrate “July 9th” every year as ISSP Foundation Day (That was the Day ISSP formed in 1984) where in you can conduct CME programme, Workshops, Press Meet, Lectures, Departmental activities, Public Awareness anything you feel it will promote the concept of “Total Pain Relief” philosophy from ISSP. Let it be commitment from all ISSP members. This year also, please submit your activities to , we will acknowledge your contribution in these aspects in our newsletters.

We had the first meeting of newly elected Council of Indian Academy of Pain Medicine(IAPM) under the leadership of Dr Bibhu Kalyani Das where in, the new committee took the official charge of IAPM from adhoc committee. However, the adhoc committee continues to assist the new committee for some time to make it a smooth transition.

We request you to help us to serve you better.

We are grateful to all the members of the Governing Council for their enthusiasm and for their readiness to carry forward the new initiatives. Their valuable inputs have been of immense help for the activities of ISSP in general and ISSP Conferences and meetings in particular.

The ISSPCON 2018 is scheduled at New Delhi. Don’t miss a chance, hurry up and register today!

The IASP has declared 2017 as Global Year Against Post-Surgical Pain. Various chapters have undertaken events in this regard. We will come back to you with information in this regard in the next newsletter of ISSP.

Long Live ISSP

With Regards & Best Wishes,


Dr. Muralidhar Joshi

Hon. Secretary ISSP


Dr. Palanisamy Vijayanand

Hon. Treasurer

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