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Dear Friends,

Pain medicine is advancing fast in our country. It is becoming popular amongst our colleague and many physicians are inspired to become a full-time pain physician. It is our responsibility to guide them and help them to grow their carrier. At the same time, we must make this specialty popular among general people so that our patients suffering from pain are benefitted by our new pain physicians and new pain physicians are getting adequate patients to sustain their practice exclusively in this specialty.

Keeping these two-primary objectives, our new office bearers lead by our dynamic secretary Panakj Surange are working hard. We have already announced country wide awareness camps and press meets to spread awareness among general people. This will help our country’s sufferers to get proper treatment of their painful conditions.

Ours academic wing, Indian Academy of Pain Medicine (IAPM) lead by our dean Bibhu Kalyani Das and registrar Pradeep Jain is working nicely. Many senior pain physicians are interested to have this fellowship (FIAPM). Our aim is to bring a uniform curriculum in pain medicine across the country and uniform qualification among practicing pain physicians. We dream to make it a fellowship (FIAPM) of international repute and we are planning to allow international participants to sit for this fellowship examination in future.

We must not forget that a medical specialty can grow only with good researches. We encourage all new & senior pain physicians to publish their works our journal, Indian Journal of Pain. Our chief editor Kailash Kothari is doing excellent work to improve this journal. Our job is to send good articles to make this more popular.

I request all members to send suggestions to improve society’s activities as well as to participate actively in different activities of ISSP. Unitedly we can take our specialty to a new height.

Long live ISSP!