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Good evening everyone.

We welcome you all to today’s AGBM at Jaipur. Presiding officer of today’s ISSP AGBM 2017; President Dr BB Mishra, Vice President Dr Preeti Doshi, President Elect Dr Geeta Joshi, Joint Secretary Dr Babita Ghai, Treasurer Dr Vijayanand, Editor Dr Kailash Kothari & Other Governing Council Members, Past Presidents of ISSP, other dignitaries off the dais, members of ISSP and my dear friends.

Greetings from ISSP Secretariat! It gives us immense pleasure to share with you the Secretary’s report of Indian Society for Study of Pain for the year 2016-17 during AGBM of 2017.

The year 2016-17 has been a great year for ISSP. We had a plethora of academic activities all over the country & a lot of new initiatives from ISSP Secretariat.


The year started with ISSPCON 2016. We all had a great scientific feast at ISSPCON 2016 at Indore. We thank and congratulate Dr KK Arora (Organising Chairman), Dr Pravesh Kanthed (Organising Secretary), Dr Jawed Khan (Scientific Committee Chairman) and their enterprising team. They require big applause for their team’s performance.

In February 2016, the President of ISSP Dr BB Mishra had formed a three-member adhoc committee to consider the implementation of Indian Academy of Pain Medicine (IAPM) guidelines. The pilot project in this regard was started at Hyderabad. The things are in place. As decided, the adhoc committee tenure ended yesterday after receiving consolidated report of one year. Following this it is immediately dissolved to pave way for new team of IAPM. We congratulate the team for preparing the curriculum, developing criteria for centre accreditation, entry exam pattern, question bank, counselling and effective implementation of programme. We thank Dr RP Gehdoo (Chairman), Dr Pradeep Jain (Co-chairman) & Dr P Vijayanand (Co-chairman) for doing a great job in this regard. Here onwards the elected body of IAPM will take over as per approved plan by AGBM.

We had received a proposal in March 2016 from IASP regarding Pain Camps to be held in 2017 in association with ISSP. The programme titled as “IASP-ISSP Multidisciplinary Evidence Based Pain Management Programme”. This is a five month programme being held at Delhi & Mumbai from March 2017 to July 2017. The delegates can be Anaesthesiologists, Internal Medicine, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Psychology or Rehabilitation Medicine. It has been a great year for ISSP in establishing good communication and jointly undertaking many tasks. We thank our members for same.

This was closely followed by initiation of working on the ISSP project of preparing a set of guidelines in association with other specialties like Orthopedics, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dieticians, Rehabilitation. It’s in final stages of implementation, will be published in Indian Journal of Pain after approval from our Chief Editor Dr Kailash Kothari. As one-time honorarium ISSP has received Rs 3,50,000 as educational grant. The “Mobility Clinics” with guidelines recommended by ISSP are being implemented phase wise across country from December 2016.

We congratulate Dr Sushma Bhatnagar for being elected to represent Asia at IASP as Governing Council Member from 2016 to 2022.

We have good news to share with you in regard to WFSA Pain Relief Committee. WFSA has selected our Hon. Secretary Dr Muralidhar Joshi to be part of the committee in view of his contribution to EPM Programme & he will represent Asia. We congratulate him and TPS team.

Come July, our President kick started a worldwide programme of ‘World Pain Awareness Day’ to mark the ISSP Formation Day on July 9th in 1984. It was mind boggling event with so many city & state chapters chipping in with innovative programme. Let’s work towards making it an annual event and spread the knowledge and wisdom.


The ISSP secretariat has been working tirelessly for last 2 years after taking charge of the responsibility. The agenda in our mind is to revamp the database of ISSP members and ISSP website. You will be happy to know that we achieved a great amount of success in this regard. More than 45% of ISSP member’s database have been updated with their emails & mobile numbers. The website is on par with international standards. We are being assisted by a good number of ISSP members in all these efforts.

Please go through the details of various Awards, Nominations, and Fellowships in our website, all information has been uploaded on the website for the benefit of members. Interested members and member societies can apply for them before the last date as specified.

The ISSPCON 2018 is scheduled at New Delhi. Don’t miss a chance, hurry up and register today for early bird registration!

IT returns for financial years 2013-14 & 2014-15 have been filed; there were some queries about TDS/TCS, which have been replied by our Tax consultants at Delhi. We have also submitted for IT returns of financial year 2015-16. We received refund for the IT returns of those two years.

We have LIC mutual bond fund of Rs 52,000 purchased on 16/02/2000, it’s current net worth value is Rs 72,727.78. At present, it is under Unclaimed Redemption & Dividend for quite long time. We do not have original papers. It’s better to encash the policy to avoid future difficulties. We had a series of discussions with LIC officials, they expressed that a letter from secretariat with signatures of president, secretary & treasurer in this regard will help in encashing the left-over amount to current account of ISSP (Syndicate Bank).

At present, we have FD’s close to 66 lakhs at Syndicate Bank, Hyderabad. All FD’s from Ahmedabad have been transferred to Hyderabad. We request AGBM to authorize the secretariat to take these amounts into account of Syndicate Bank & henceforth the ISSP secretariat account should be transferred in total to next team of secretariat. The next team should not open new account keeping past account dormant. This will avoid future problems.


The IASP has declared Year 2017 as Pain After Surgery. Various chapters have initiated events in this regard. We will come back to you with information in this regard in the next newsletter of ISSP.

As promised, we have started online registration of new members in the form of Net Banking. Please get your ISSP ID card, as it will be mandatory during ISSPCON 2018. We request members to update their details online through ISSP website, with their registered email ID, for any problem please contact issphq@gmail.com.


Before we conclude, ISSP Secretariat would like to thank all of you for trusting our ability & commitment. We will strive to achieve the goals set by our seniors. With support from everyone, we can take ISSP to new heights not only within our country but also across the globe. We thank one and all.

To serve you better we have been working on certain crucial things such as online registrations, online updates, special interest groups so on and so forth. Stay tuned to not only reap new benefits, but also to present our society to the world in an innovative way.

We are grateful to all the members of the Governing Council for their enthusiasm and for their readiness to carry forward the new initiatives. Their valuable inputs have been of immense help for the activities of ISSP in general and ISSP Conferences and meetings in particular.

Long Live ISSP
Jai Hind