Dear ISSP Members,

Thank you all for electing and allowing me to serve the Indian Society for Study of Pain as honorary president.

The Foundation of ISSP was laid in 1984 and the International Association for the Study of Pain acknowledge the ISSP as its Indian chapter in 1987 and the academic wing of the ISSP known as the Indian Academy of Pain Medicine (IAPM) governing council was constituted in 2017. The growth of the ISSP has been phenomenal due to the able guidance of senior colleagues and past governing council members of ISSP & IAPM. The present governing council team members are very dynamic dedicated and enthusiastic and I hope with the team efforts we will try to achieve more and scale new heights for the betterment of the society.

The International Association of Study of Pain (IASP) has declared this year 2022 as the “Global Year for Translating Pain Knowledge to Practice”. The aim is to increase awareness of pain knowledge and how it can benefit those living with pain. Improve patient outcomes can be achieved with the webinars, workshops, publications, TV programs, videos on pain relief and the pain awareness camps will definitely lead to improve patient outcomes.

ISSP activities towards the promotion, education and training will continue with the team efforts.

This year the focus will be on achieving

The endorsement of pain medicine as a super speciality by the National Medical Council
Inclusion of pain intervention procedures in the Ayushman Bharat List in the pain medicine
The ongoing projects of the formation of SIG group Protocol & Guidelines
Pain awareness program for public
Selection of FNB in Pain Medicine in medical colleges

I hope the enthusiasm and energy of present governing council members and the blessings of the senior colleagues will pave a pathway for the growth of the stature of the society.

I foresee a bright future for society.
Long live ISSP!
Dr. Muralidhar joshi
Indian Society for Study of Pain (ISSP)