Dear Doctor
Greetings. I, undersigned, am a Consultant in the Department of Palliative Medicine, St Johns Medical College, Bengaluru. My primary qualification is in Anaesthesia.
You are invited to participate in this Questionnaire based Survey titled, “ATTITUDES AND APTITUDES OF PAIN PHYSICIANS TOWARDS PALLIATIVE CARE PRACTICE– A SURVEY”.

Chronic Pain Management, a sub-speciality of Anaesthesia, focuses on giving relief from recalcitrant benign or malignant pains. Managing recalcitrant symptoms needs empathy and patience. Many Pain Physicians have included Palliative Care in their practice since they
manage pain which is one of the most common symptoms in patients receiving Palliative Care. But Palliative Care encompasses management of several other symptoms and domains.

On the other hand, many Pain Physicians who are Anaesthetists do not choose to practice Palliative Care. What may be the reasons? This Questionnaire attempts to explore the attitudes and aptitudes of Pain Physicians towards Palliative Care. If the responses would
generate a consensus, it would not only give an impetus to integration of pain services and Palliative care, but also may lead to necessary change in curriculum and syllabi of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Training. At an individual level, such a survey may encourage and motivate Pain Physicians to undertake training and start the practice of Palliative Care in their own health care setting.

This Questionnaire has been validated by Pain Physician colleagues registered with the ISSP following a pilot survey conducted during ISSPCON 2019, Bengaluru. It is now intended to send the Questionnaire to all registered Pain Physicians in the ISSP irrespective of the status
of their Palliative Care practice. Please find an attachment in this mail that has a Questionnaire seeking your views about Palliative Care. The ten questions would take about 10-15 minutes your valuable time to tick and revert.
As only a set of questions is to be answered, your participation will not be associated with any risk. This project has been approved by the IEC, St Johns Medical College Hospital and has been designated the IEC Study Ref No. 194/2019.
The information collected will be kept confidential and your name will not be used. The information collected will be analysed to interpret the impact of the keywords mentioned in the title of this Survey. It may be published without disclosure of your identity.
You will be kept posted of the results of each round of this Questionnaire since it is an iterative survey (having 2-3 rounds of circulating the same Questionnaire so as to get optimum and validated views). As a subject of the ‘survey’ you have every right to deny participating or withdraw from it whenever you want to. This is the first round of the Survey.

If you have any query regarding any part of the Survey, please feel free to ask us. We will be available to answer all your questions. You may contact following persons in case of any complaints or questions.

Dr Renuka Pai (Principal Investigator)
(Dept. of Palliative Medicine)
Mob: 9619554225 (

Dr. Jayanthi Savio
Member Secretary, IEC
Ph: 080-25634123

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