• Advance the understanding of pain.

  • Improve the management of pain.

  • Educate pain researchers, healthcare professionals/clinicians, public/patients & policymakers.

  • Strengthen ISSP’s finances, membership and relationship with Special Interest Groups, State & City chapters, other disciplines/ groups, industry, and government entities.


  • Promote academic and scientific activities in the field of pain in India.

  • Promote the awareness regarding pain and it’s management amongst the general public.

  • Encourage research in the field of pain and related disciplines.

  • Organize Continuing Medical Educations (CME) and training programs in the field of pain in India.

  • Organize meetings and conferences in the field of pain in different parts of the country.

  • Publish scientific papers, journals and newsletters aimed at upgrading the knowledge and skill about understanding and management of pain and its related problems in India.

  • Establish guidelines and protocols for running of pain clinics in different parts of India.

  • Seek the affiliations with national and international associations, organizations and bodies to achieve the objectives of the society.

  • Generate funds to carry out, the objectives of the society.

  • Take necessary actions as shall be considered with furthering the aims and objectives of the society.