Dear Esteemed Member ISSP,

Greetings from the Secretariat of ISSP!

First of all I wish to extend my gratitude & heartfelt thanks for electing me as Hon. Secretary, ISSP. I sincerely hope that with your help and blessings, I will be able to discharge my duties & shoulder the responsibility entrusted upon me by you.

ISSP has come a long way since its inception in 1984 till today, with a strong force of 3500 members which is now rapidly multiplying, thanks to our past office bearers and members, who had the vision to see and make this speciality of Pain Medicine, as the torch bearer to relieve pain and suffering of humankind. We are on the right path but still a lot needs to be done. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to help our patients with chronic pain to live a good quality of life.

From 1984 till today, we have come a long way from doing OPD’s and offering basic interventional procedures to doing MIPSI’s, the spectrum of which now extends to Endoscopic discectomies & percutaneous implant placement/fusion. Let us collectively generate lot of good quality evidence & publish in our Indian Journal of Pain & other journals with good impact factor. Also we should use a standardised terminology & codes, which are already available in our website for reference. It will establish our Pain Medicine as the speciality & us as Consultant Pain Medicine, trained and skilled to execute this aspect of patient care with ease and finesse. This will strengthen our cause of delivering quality care & improving overall quality of life of our patients.

Our academic wing, IAPM is also doing a wonderful job & in due course of time, I am hopeful that IAPM will become one of the most coveted fellowships, both in India & internationally.

The Secretariat is committed to represent our society at government/ayushman & insurance levels & with the help of each & every member, we should be able to achieve our common goal. I would also request each & every member to come forward & communicate with secretariat of any idea/leads/plans which we can implement for the betterment of our speciality in general and for our patients in particular.

Secretariat will communicate from time to time with you regarding the future activities and updates. Kindly visit our website ( & follow our page on Facebook for any update on ISSP and IAPM.

Together, we can achieve a lot for our speciality of PAIN MEDICINE.

Jai Hind
Long live ISSP
Dr Pravesh Kanthed
Hon. Secretary, ISSP